Twelve Days of Casting On, or #12daysofcastingon or 12daysofcastingon

All my Christmas knitting is finished! Yay Me!!

(For all of you who read the newsletter, you get the joke…for those of you that don’t get the newsletter, I wrote a small blurb about how I am a selfish knitter who only knits for myself).

Whatever…. 🙂

For those of you that are much nicer knitters than I am, I hope that all of your Christmas knitting is on schedule or finished. I have talked to a couple of overachievers who already have their Christmas knitting cast off, blocked, wrapped and under the Christmas tree. You are probably the same knitters that when someone comes to visit unexpectedly, the house is clean and the beds are made and visitors can go into the bathroom without you having a panic attack. Just don’t open any closet or cabinet doors when you come to visit me…my housekeeping skills fall under the category of “shove it all in a laundry basket and stick it in the laundry room”. That’s why I currently own eighteen laundry baskets.

Okay, I got on Facebook to post about ‪#‎12daysofcastingon‬, and I seem to have diarrhea of the keyboard. Back to my original thought:

Beginning December 26, 2014, I participated in the Twelve Days of Casting On that I read about on the Natural Stitches forum on (Natural Stitches is a yarn shop in Pittsburg). Since I “naturally” have a personality resembling a lemming, I hopped right on board. And I finished all twelve projects before December 31, 2015!

Quite a few knitters have expressed interest in having our own Twelve Days of Casting On. One of you (cough cough Candace Galloway Laird) already has all twelve of your projects lined up and ready!

Here are the “RULES”:

Cast on a new project every day beginning on December 26, and ending on January 6.

Here is the modification to the “RULES”:

Some of your “new” projects that you “cast on” can be works in process.

Finish all twelve projects prior to December 31, 2016.

My plan is to include four WIPs, and then to cast on eight new projects. I did the same thing last year: one day I would cast on a new project, the next day I would work on the WIP. By the time January 6 ended, I had twelve active projects lined up.

Why would you do something so crazy as putting new projects on the needles? Because it is liberating. There were a few patterns that I always wanted to knit, but never cast on because I had too much other knitting to get finished. But if I cast them on, the project was there waiting for me when I finished something else.

This is not as crazy as knitting a sweater every month, or writing a novel every month or cleaning your house every month. You can cast on twelve dishclothes, twelve pairs of socks, twelve scarves, twelve hats….whatever you want to cast on. You can knit other projects in between the original twelve.

Tag your project in ravelry with 12daysofcastingon (if you don’t know how to tag, just ask me).

Use the hashtag #12daysofcastingon on Instagram and Facebook.

More details to come. Knitters, get your needles ready!!!

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