As we approach the first meeting I really would like to get us talking with each other — so, here’s my second stab at a question:
What is your favorite yarn of all time — not that you can or could afford it. What is the yarn, that if you could have any yarn in the world, would be the one ?

Secondary to that is color! What would be the color of your favorite yarn! You can post pictures for us too!


7 thoughts on “SHOW and TELL

  1. I don’t have a favorite yarn (I haven’t tried enough yet). I do like KnitPicks Stroll and Gloss; they have a good feel and are dependable. But I lust after Noro colors. Those bright blends and long repeats!

  2. This is a tough one! On one end of the spectrum is Qiviut, on the other is Lamb’s Pride and Plymouth Encore! And my color would be denim blue.

  3. Having just finished a sweater in Malabrigo worsted I have to say it is ONE of my favorites. The yarn is a delight to work with – so soft and the variation of color throughout is lovely.

  4. How many of you saw the piece that Shelly was working on during our last meeting? Well, she has it all but done (she’s probably working on the collar as I write this) — and she has steeked it!!!!
    If you would like to “watch” her put sissors to her works please go to :
    and watch her!

    Are we ready to have a program on steeking? I’ll tell you that when I was about 13 and ready for my first sweater for myself, my mom made me cut a steek in my sweater! I don’t remember being scared at all, and have always known that it is something I could use in my sweater construction. That’s not what I have heard when people come to steeking today. I just wonder how many of you might try if you actually knew that you knew people who could sit with you and cut your work in half!!!!!!???

  5. I just sent in my membership and am so exciting to be a part of this lovely community. One of my favorite yarns to knit with is Quince and Co. Yarns. It’s American made wool, processed in Maine. I love their yarn because it knits up texture really well and it’s super squishy. I love the color yellow, preferably mustardy yellows. But I’m drawn to lots of earth tones.

    I have never steeked before and would love to learn how to do that and have someone walk me through the process.

    Happy Knitting Everyone,

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