November 7th meeting @ Sycamore Hospital *AUCTION*

We are a brand new guild with many hopes and dreams about what we would like to have as programs; programs we would like to center in on; and who we would like to invite to come and be here to teach us.  But, like many children, our dreams are bigger than our pocketbooks!  Our start up costs surpass our bank account; we have no scholarship fund, although we desperately want to be able to have high school and college kids join us at a very reduced rate; and we have paperwork that must be filed and currently we just don’t have the money to submit with the paperwork.

We do, however, have some very special yarns, books, rovings, and knitted items that have been donated to the guild that we plan to auction off at our November meeting!  For the next 2 weeks items will be added to the slide show on this page to entice you to come and bid and buy!

Check out the items we have had donated by Local Yarn Shop owners, members and friends by following this link!  More to be posted next week!


6 thoughts on “November 7th meeting @ Sycamore Hospital *AUCTION*

        • I’m really not trying to be cruel — long term we will be able to do things here, behind some password protection that we will not ever be able to do on Facebook or Ravelry. We all need to take a bit of time to learn how this works, and tonight I figured — I have the words FREE and PATTERN and I bet I can get a few people to try the blogsite as long as those are out there!!!!! (We are so predictable, aren’t we?)

          I have approved more comments tonight than I have since February! I love it. I must remember, FREE + PATTERN = knitters trying things they have never tried before!!!

  1. What a good time we all had at the auction last night…lots of wonderful projects that folks were working on, great refreshments (thanks Melinda Kaye and Rachel), and great bids on a number of donated items. Thanks everyone for making the evening such fun!

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