May 1st Meeting at 7pm at Sycamore

This meeting will try to put a corral around all of your knitting “stuff!” We all have it! Bags to house our projects; totes to hold our stash; boxes and tubes and organizers for our notions; binders and computer files set up to be able to have our patterns ready to go and then a sleeve or a magnetic board to put the pattern on when it’s actually being used; some system for housing our needles; a place for the swift and ball winder ……………..
How big is your house and how big does it need to be? This will be an opportunity for us all to share what we have found to work the best for us. So, please plan to come and bring with you a list of the most important items in your organizational system — what it is, where you got it, how much we can plan on it costing us to replicate…… A listing will be made of all the ideas and information that we compile and it will be
posted on for anyone who wants to be able to find the collected data again! I think that this could be a very important meeting, but it is only going to be as good as what we can share with each other. Please take some time to gather your list before the meeting and bring examples of the items if you can manage it so that we can all see, and touch as many as possible in one room in one hour.

Preparation for May 1 Meeting

It occurred to me at 3:00 this morning — in a nightmare of sorts — that I needed to make tomorrow evening’s meeting 1) something that did not require each of us to rent a U-Haul truck and 2) something that we can share with others — now and into the future. Therefore — read carefully, please!
If you have pictures of your stash or your storage solution or anything else that you would like to share at this meeting, please send me the .jpg file so that I can drop you into alphabetical order in the slide show. If you have bag after bag after bag that you are planning to bring in with you — you might want to reconsider and take a snap with your camera and send them to revpamm(at) (you will have to fix that email address so that your files will actually come to me!
We will deal mainly with your hand knitting “stuff” — but that’s not where it ends for most of us — we have spinning supplies and equipment, and machine knitting cones of yarn and machines, weights and hooks, crochet hooks, beading supplies and woodworking tools …. get pictures of that stuff too and if there is time we will venture that way tomorrow evening……….. if not……….. we will have the pictures with contact information in the file!

One thought on “May 1st Meeting at 7pm at Sycamore

  1. Yes, that’s a plastic zip-lock bag holding my knitting. Figures, the queen of making tote bags, purses and whatnot with nary a shortage of fabric around here carries around her knitting in a plastic bag.

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