March 4th Meeting

choose a pattern for a felted project and knit it up. It will be “HUGE” (see the photos)

March 4th Miami Valley Knitting Guild Meeting 7pm at Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene. Topic: Felting in Three Ways Prep: Knit and item to be felted (suggestions: Cup cozy, beverage can cozy, cloche, hot pad) We will be felting the items at the meeting so, please, nothing huge!!!!

We will work on one piece — the piece you knit. As a body we will make one wet felted piece that we can cut up into little pieces that can be needle felted onto the piece that you brought with you — So, you knit a cup cozy at home and bring that to felt. In the mean time we make a piece of pink or green felt via wet felting. We cut a flower out of the pink felt and you needle felt that to your cup cozy.

Our meeting is coming upon us fast because we have less than 2 weeks before we come together so please fit this project into your other “work?”

More information coming, but for now…… have fun! and knit loosely and make sure to use 100% wool — alpaca, sheep, camel, yak ……. NO ACRYLIC!! NO SUPERWASH!!! NO WHITE!!! None of those felt because there are no barbs on the shaft of the wool. We can talk more about it — just stay away from them as you knit your item.

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