Knit In on September 29th

Mark your calendar, ladies and gents! The first knit in of the MVKG will be on September 29, 2012 at my house: 2795 Bahns Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio.

I may still be unpacking by that time since I just moved, but if the boxes don’t bother me, they shouldn’t bother you!

I would like to encourage those of you who are new members, and those of you who are not members to attend the knit in. This is an open door policy as far as I am concerned. Come spend some time with us! You’ll love us, I promise!

Knitting will commence at 10:30 AM.

Please bring a covered dish to share. I will provide dessert and drinks (ice tea and water).

Parking: my driveway goes around to the back of the house. Feel free to pull into the back yard to park (really- off the blacktop and into the grass).

Door prizes will be awarded at 1:30 (after we eat of course). I am giving out door prizes for the following:
the knitter who drove the farthest.
the knitter who has been knitting the longest.
the knitter who is the newest knitter.

Temperatures look like they will be in the 60’s on Saturday. We can knit outside or inside. You might want to bring your lawn chair just in case.

I still have boxes in the house, there are still bare windows, and but we are gonna be sittin’ and knittin’!

One thought on “Knit In on September 29th

  1. Thanks for having a Knit In while the weather was warm enough to sit outside. I loved hearing the acorns hitting the ground and was really glad there were no trees over us. The company was great as well. Valerie

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