June 2, 2015 meeting!

MVKG has been invited to visit the home and farm of Laura and Jim Petrosky (please leave a comment if you need the address;  I will respond privately).  You are welcome to arrive at Laura’s earlier than the scheduled 6:30 time, especially if you are interested in learning to use some of her “equipment.” If the weather cooperates, Laura will have her drum carder, triangle loom, and spinning wheel outside, as well as a whole alpaca fleece set up on a table, either in the wood shed or the hay barn. The floor loom isn’t easy to move, so it will be in Laura’s work room. She will card some alpaca ahead of time, and have her dye crock pot set up for kool-aid dyeing (adding a color every 20 minutes or so…it still amazes her that pouring concentrated kool-aid on alpaca fiber produces colored fiber, and CLEAR water remains!). Laura will also card some alpaca seconds, so that if anyone wants to play with felting, it will be available. She does not claim to be an expert at ANY of this…she learns by just trying, and whatever happens, happens!

Please bring a snack to share, your comfortable lawn or camping chair, and wear comfortable shoes for walking around to see Laura and Jim’s bunnies, alpacas, and horses. We thank Laura for inviting us….let’s have a fun evening on June 2nd! Hope to see many of you there. If you wish to carpool, you may park your car at the church where we usually meet and go to Laura’s from there.


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