Hints and Tips

All Knitters have hints and tips that they have heard, used or even passed on over the years.  This will be a place for you to share and pick up some new ideas!


Let’s see if we can top 35 hints in the next 24 hours! Everyone of you has to have at least one!

12 thoughts on “Hints and Tips

  1. I just had to go and buy another one of my most favorite tips, so I’ll share it here! In most of the grocery store check out lines there are candy displays and if you look carefully enough you can find a tube of mini m&ms. The tube they come in is 6 inches long and it snaps shut.
    Hint 1:
    I find it a perfect home for my steel crochet hook and some of my slightly larger ones.
    Hint 2:
    Fill a tube with uncooked long grain rice. If your bamboo needles (dpns in particular) become a little rough just plunge them up and down very rapidly in the rice. They will take on a new shine and the rough drag will be gone!
    Hint 3:
    Hint 2 takes some elbow grease and time!!

  2. m1 – Until recently I have always added a stitch by knitting in front and back of the same stitch and it always leaves a bit of a hole. I have learned to “make 1″ (m1) by lifting the horizontal bar between stitches and putting it on the left needle; then knit in the back of the stitch to create an almost invisible new stitch. Even better if you go to the row below to the horizontal bar to get your new stitch.

    • Thanks for this tip! I tried it on a scarf I am knitting and it completely eliminated those unsitely holes that were bugging me. Thanks!

  3. Not really a “tip” but a “do’oh” moment. I was scared of cabling for a long time. Once I realized that the cable was just rearranging the order that the stitches were knit and that it wasn’t necessarily every row, I was no longer afraid.

  4. YOUTUBE! I find knitting videos there all the time! I just do a search for “cabling without a cable needle”, or “toe-up cast on” or “Stretchy cast off”.

  5. Tip — listen and pay attention to those who have been at this knitting craft longer than you have and who have more experience! Thank you to all who have helped me with needle choices, yarn selection for a specific project, and just plain, common sense advice.

  6. Grafting on the needles (for those who hate Kitchener stitch). This is a relatively simple process that is easier to perform and remember and produces that lovely invisible join. See Sandi Wiseheart’s tip on Knittingdaily.com. (You may have to hunt a bit to find it, but it’s worth it.)

  7. Don’t knit socks when you have dark needles and yarn and your light bulb pops and the only replacement bulb you have is 40 watts *sigh* rippit-rippit-rippit! 😉

  8. Have you heard the robins squawking outside? Spring is coming and with it is nesting season. Your yarn scraps can help: put some shortish scraps in a suet feeder, OR just lay some over tree/bush limbs.

  9. Old containers with lids make great yarn “bowls.” Large clear pretzel jars, dishwasher soap tubs, large pickle jars (plastic) & so on. Basically anything that you might otherwise throw away or put in the recycle bin can be used for this. Just simply have your favorite person put a hole in the lid large enough to put bulky yarn through & then smooth the edges with a lighter. If you are ambitious you can cover up the old label with something pretty….like stickers. I have a couple of pictures of ones I have made before if anyone is interested in taking a look.

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