Committee descriptions

  Take a look at these descriptions and see if there is something that strikes you as something you would be great at or something you would be willing to learn about.


Membership: prepare directory booklet, recruit and create a liason with new members to insure that the new member is aware of opportunities with the guild and to find neighborhood knitting groups.

Hospitality: for any MVKG event, provide support for each event coordinator for set up, clean up, and any refreshments.

External programs: support any event requested by an outside group (i.e. Girl Scouts, 4-H, Boys and Girls Clubs, youth groups) that desires a knitting or crocheting demonstration or instruction.

Internal programs: assist the vice-president in planning monthly educational guild meetings, scheduling knit-ins, annual retreat and quarterly workshops.

Librarian: catalog the guild’s library of resources i.e., books, magazines, pdf’s, and video; maintain records of borrowers.

Community Service: coordinate with outside agencies regarding service projects.

Publicity & Advertising: support the Guild by producing print or electronic media publications

Newsletter (Beyond the Stitch) This committee is responsible for the monthly newsletter

Social Media – responsible for monitoring the most current social media including facebook, and our website/blog.

8 thoughts on “Committee descriptions

  1. Hi
    I would like to introduce myself,Gary Kennedy of

    I would love to offer your group a free design to download from my site – just enter the coupon code : craftclub
    in the box provided on the check out page of the site – you can choose from over 400 designs – I would be so interested to hear what my friends in the US thought of intarsia projects.Do take a quick look at the ‘large Photo gallery on the homepage for some great images.

    During the 80’s and 90’s we were the leading company worldwide producing intarsia knitting patterns (picture knits) – we had a customer base at that time of 70,000 knitters.

    After retiring around 13 years ago,travelling,parenting ,living in southern France,the rainforest of Australia and the far east,this week I am launching a new intarsia website which I hope will breathe some new life into this style of knitting.We are talking currently with the UK Hand Knitting Association about link ups and will be featured on the Craft club UK website very soon.

    Our past booklets which were only £2.50 each back then are still sought after by collectors today on Ebay and Amazon sometimes selling for £20.00 – £50.00 each , so with the renewed interest in knitting I hope to appeal to our past collectors and the new generation of knitter.

    I would be happy to hear your thoughts

    Best wishes


    • We do still meet Cheryl — just need to bring the website up to date. We are at the Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm

    • We do, Cheryl! We are at the Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene on North Fairfield Rd. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7. (But, tonight we are having a picnic beginning at 5pm in the shelter in the rear of the church) Sorry this is so late. Hope we can see you!

    • Hi Liz. I just sent an email to you you that included a copy of the most recent newsletter. I hope this answered your questions. If you need more information, please contact me.

  2. can you put me in contact with the person who coordinates the charity sweaters? i have a question to ask – also when i join the guild is there a contact list made available to members?

    thx – linda newcomer

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