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The Miami Valley Knitting Guild meets the first Tuesday of most months at 7:00 pm on the 5th floor of the Soin Medical Center located at 3535 Pentagon Blvd., Beavercreek. All are welcome to attend whether you are a member or not. Membership is required to get our monthly newsletter, Beyond the Stitch.

We can also be found on Ravelry and on FaceBook

April 3, 2018: Choose the Right Fiber


When: Tuesday, April 3rd, 7:00pm
Where: Soin Medical Center, 3535 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek, OH. Fifth floor conference room.

Come out on Tuesday to meet Tarezia Vitale and listen to her sage advice on choosing the right fiber for your project.

From Tarezia:
My maternal grandmother taught me to knit doilies with size 0 needles and crochet thread many years ago and I’ve been knitting, crocheting and designing my own patterns since 1970. I love a challenge, and creating patterns that use unique pattern combinations.
I teach classes for everything knitted or crocheted; beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques such as cables, lace, entrelac and brioche and many others. To know that I’ve taught and encouraged others to find the artist in them through knitting, to me – is as good as getting an Oscar.

My goal is to inspire others to continue to learn and love every minute of the art of creation through fibers!

March 6, 2018: Anatomy of Long-tail Cast-on

March Meeting Info

When: Tuesday, March 6th, 7:00pm
Where: Soin Medical Center, 3535 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek, OH. Fifth floor conference room.

The Anatomy of the Long-Tail Cast-On
Featuring independent designer Regina Fulton

It’s one of the most basic and versatile cast-on methods.
It’s very likely the first one you learned when you first learned to knit.
It was fiddly at first, but once you got the hang of it,
it felt like MAGIC and you never forgot how to do it.

Now you use it to begin a variety of knitting projects because it JUST WORKS.

But HOW does it work? WHY does it work?

And how can you get it to look and behave exactly the way you want, EVERY time? Regina Fulton is here for this month’s meeting to explain to us in detail about The Anatomy of the Long-Tail Cast-On (a.k.a. the German Long-Tail Cast-On). She will offer insights on the various aspects of this cast-on, give us pointers on establishing even tension, troubleshoot problems with elasticity, and share with us an alternative BRAND-NEW METHOD of casting on that establishes purl stitches on your first row. Be among the first to learn Regina’s Purled Long-Tail Cast-On! There’s more to this humble cast-on that you may never have considered, so come join us to learn how to harness your cast-on skills and be the boss of your knitting!

CANCELLED – January 2, 2018: Time for a New Challenge


When: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018: 7:00pm

Where: Soin Medical Center, 3535 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek, OH. Fifth floor conference room.

What: Our new challenge for 2018 begins!

You have the choice of learning lace techniques from Michelle Hunter with a series of 9 lessons in her book Building with Lace. This is the third in the series of her Building books. Or, if lace is not your thing there is a knit along with fringe-and-friends on Log Cabin knitting technique. One of the books recommended for this project is the Field Guide No. 4 Log Cabin by Mason Dixon Knitting. This book can be found at Strings Attached and the Michelle Hunter book can be found at Fiberworks and The Rabbit Hutch.

Please visit our local yarn stores for help selecting your yarns for these projects.

Make sure you bring your projects to the meetings so we can see your progress.

Click on the links below to see each book:

Building With Lace

Mason-Dixon Field Guide No. 4

December 12, 2017: It’s a Block Party!!!


It’s a Block Party! Show off your finished (or unfinished) Building Blocks or Building in Color blankets. Each knitter that has a completed projected will be entered in a raffle to win a grand prize.

Rules of engagement:

The finished afghan must contain at least nine squares or three panels to measure a finished afghan with a minimum size of 24″ x 24″.

Each square or panel must be knit with a different pattern stitch than the other squares.

Each square must be at least 8″ x 8″. Each panel must be at least 8″ wide.

The afghan must be completely pieced together and finished.
It is not mandatory that the Building Blocks or Building In Color books be used as references (but it is highly advised for the educational content).

The knitter must be a dues-paying member of MVKG to be eligible for the prize drawing.

See you there!

Soin Medical Center
3535 Pentagon Blvd.
Beavercreek, OH
Fifth floor conference center
7:00 PM

September 5, 2017: Historical knitting at Carillon Park

Did you ever wonder about knitted items throughout history? What kind of items did pioneers in the 1800s knit? What were some of the challenges they faced with their knitwear? Join us on Tuesday, September 5th as Rachel Zimmerman, Early Settlement Manager, from Carillon Park joins us to talk about Carrillon Park and the knitted items they use in their period costuming.

The meeting is at 7:00 PM at Soin Medical Center in Beavercreek, OH.4f4fb9fc-5de0-4008-8dfe-ae6208e1acd7

Through The Loops is coming to MVKG!!!


Registration for the Kirsten Kapur workshops is now open.

Click on the green button to register.

The green button will also take you to the page to renew your dues. To vote in the September elections, you must be a current member. Current membership expires on August 31.


May 2, 2017: Bavarian Twisted Knitting with Geanie Helfrich

Don’t miss this meeting where we discuss the wonders of twisted stitches! Geanie Helfrich will be taking you on a journey into the world of Bavarian Twisted Knitting, beginning with deciphering the unusual chart symbols, continuing our way up an elegantly patterned sampler hat.

If you plan to knit along, please work the first 13 rounds of the following free pattern:
You will enjoy learning new techniques for cables and travelling stitches that will speed up your knitting and give you confidence for future textured projects. Even if you have never worked a cable in your entire knitting life, come to this meeting!

Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a member of MVKG to attend the meetings. Soin Medical Center, Conference room (fifth floow) 7 PM May 2, 2017