August 4, 2015 meeting: Round Robin Learning Event

The month of August brings many of us closer to the start of the school year where youngsters of all ages will begin to develop some new skills in a variety of subjects. Perhaps this is a good time for us to learn something new as well. We will have four tables set up and you are invited to participate in a “Round Robin of Learning” event. You will have the opportunity to move from table to table or stay put at one, if you choose. Bring along some of your knitting supplies as well as those indicated by our teachers!!

So let’s gather on Tuesday evening, August 4th, to learn some new or perhaps review some formerly learned techniques with four of our very own guild members serving as teachers.

Heather Ruch – Reading a Lace Chart
Heather will teach us how to read a lace chart. Supplies and homework: fingering (or what you like) yarn and needles to go with it. Cast on 22 stitches, and knit 6 rows of garter stitch. We will be doing a lace bookmark. Heather will bring copies of the chart for each participant.

Geanie Helfrich – Intro to Cables
Geanie will talk to us about cables and doing cables without a cable needle. Please bring your own needles and a swatch on them with some kind of bottom edge stitch for a few rows and then the stockinette stitch for at least an inch.

JoAnn Woodcock – Summery Bangle Bracelet
JoAnn will have some “works in progress” that folks can use for practice the weaving portion of the bracelet. Bring scraps of sock yarn with you and a darning needle. JoAnn will have some needles available and copies of the pattern. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Lori Reimer – Twisted Yarn Cord
Lori will teach us how to create a twisted yarn cord which she says is “fun, fast, and useful.” She will bring the necessary supplies for us to use as well as pictures of examples. She will also have a one page handout for us to take home.

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