2024 Meetings

2024 will be all about COLOR!  Here is the monthly topics.  Check back later for more information:

  • January:  Color Theory (basics) and how it applies to knitting
  • February:  Choosing colors for your knitting
  • March:  Explore stripes and fades
  • April:  Explore slipped-stitch/mosaic knitting with a dishcloth
  • May:  Explore Intarsia
  • June:  Explore duplicate stitching and embroidery
  • July:  Explore two-color Brioche part 1
  • August:  Two-color Brioche part 2
  • September:  Elections and membership meeting
  • October:  Explore stranded knitting part 1 with a hat
  • November:  Stranded knitting part 2
  • December:  Holiday fun!