2023 Meetings

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of most months at the Centerville Church of Christ located at 1411 Old Spring Valley Ct, Dayton, OH 45458 unless otherwise specified. Map

Come at 6:30 to knit socially or get help with your project! The meeting starts at 7:15. Those with a paid membership may join us virtually. The link can be found in the newsletter.

Program for 2023 Overview

We are returning to a program we were thinking about when Covid interrupted us, with some tweaks. We will be attending Knitting Eweniversity! We will be looking at different techniques throughout the year to help improve our skills. This program may be worked from your stash – there are no specific yarn requirements. Beginning knitters this is an excellent program to gain some new skills! Books we will be referring to throughout the year (you choose whether you want to purchase them) The Knowledgeable Knitter by Margaret Radcliffe and Finishing School by Deborah Newton – two great options to have in your knitting library.

Supplies you will need this year:

  • yarn of your choice – use your stash! (we will make swatches throughout the program)
  • needles appropriate for the yarn
  • a writing utensil (you may want a pencil with an eraser as well as whatever you are taking notes with)
  • a way to take notes – pad of paper, tablet
  • straight edge

You will be supplied with:

  • index cards
  • binder rings
  • graph paper
  • pattern info where needed
Jan 3Introduction
Materials to bring: a way of taking notes
Program: Introduction
HW assignment: none

If weather does not permit a meeting we will be on Google Meet with the link provided to everyone.
Feb 7Before you Begin your Project: Pattern Evaluation
What do you need to know about the pattern?
Materials to bring: Pattern, pencil, straight edge. You will be provided with graph paper. You will also need to have the free pattern Flax – either electronically or on paper. The pattern can be found at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flax
Program Using the information in the pattern, draw a schematic for it.
HW assignment: Knit a minimum of 3 swatches (6×6 stockinette) in different yarns (different brands, different weights, different fiber).  Feel free to include a lace pattern if you want.  Bind the swatches off but you do not need to weave in ends.

If weather does not permit a meeting we will be on Google Meet with the link provided to everyone.
Mar 7Before you Begin: Evaluate the Yarn
What if you do not want to use the yarn called for or can’t find it?
Materials to bring: your favorite way to take notes
Program: evaluate yarn called for in patterns, how to substitute
HW assignment: none
Apr 4Planning the Project
You have the pattern and know what yarn you want to use.  What if you want to change from knitting in the round to knitting flat or vice versa?  What about edges?  What if you want to change a top-down construction to bottom up?  Do you need to add a selvedge?
Materials to bring: your favorite way to take notes
Program: we will discuss the answers to the questions
HW assignment: Gather yarn and needles for May’s casting on program
May 2Starting your Project: Casting On
You probably have a favorite cast on. Do you need to learn others?
Materials to bring: yarn and appropriate needles
Program: we will do several cast ons.
HW assignment: Knit two 6×6 swatches in stockinette, DO NOT BIND OFF. You will be provided with a chart for a cable swatch and a lace swatch – follow the charts exactly, DO NOT correct any mistakes. DO NOT BIND OFF.

Note – this meeting will be at the Dayton Metro Library in Miami Township. The address is 2718 Lyons Road, Miamisburg.
Jun 6Fixing Mistakes
OH NO! What have I done?!? You are knitting away in pattern and notice a mistake.  What do you do?  Tink back 12 rows?
Materials to bring:   homework swatches, needles used for swathes, stitch fix or crochet hook, stitch markers (multiple colors would be good), DPNs or extra interchangeable needles in the same size as the swatch was knitted in (you can also use cable ends to keep the stitches in place and use the interchangeable needles  – make sure you have a key to swap the needles.      
Program: We will drop stitches in each swatch or tink, and learn how to fix the mistakes.
HW assignment: knit another 6×6 stockinette swatch with the same yarn as the swatch for this program – DO NOT BIND OFF.
Jul 4This meeting will be cancelled. See you in August!
Aug 1Putting it together: Seaming
You finished the project and need to sew it together.  What is the best way to handle it and make it look nice?
Materials to Bring: swatches from June, contrasting yarn, tapestry needle, DPNs, writing utensil
Program: bind off swatches and seam swatches, record on index cards for future reference
HW assignment: none

This meeting will be relocated
Sep 5 Elections and Membership Fun
Oct 3Final Details: Closures
Learn about different closures.
Materials to Bring: yarn, needles appropriate for the yarn, crochet hook appropriate for the yarn      
Program: knit different closures
HW assignment: knit two 6×6 stockinette swatches and leave the yarn tails hanging
Nov 7Finishing up: Blocking and weaving in ends
All about blocking and weaving in ends.
Materials to bring: swatches, tapestry needle
Program: blocking and weaving in ends
HW assignment: none

The Advent Exchange will take place at this meeting. Information can be found in our Ravelry group and FaceBook as well as the newsletter.

This meeting will be relocated.
Dec 5Holiday Gathering and Graduation

You will get information as we get closer.