Sept. 1, 2015 meeting: Elections and Japanese knitting

September is the beginning of the membership year for MVKG. The board positions of Treasurer and Vice-president are up for election this year for a two-year term. You must be current on your membership dues ($15 annually) to vote in the election. Sign up here: membership

Details will be in the newsletter which will be emailed to members very soon. Memberships can also be paid by check or cash before the meeting.

But the fun part about this month’s meeting is the new project that we will start during the meeting.

Have you ever looked at some of the Japanese knitting stitches and wondered how in the world the yarn was manipulated to make the stitch? Japanese knitting stitches manipulate the yarn into beautiful patterns. We will be learning one of those stitches on September 1 which is the stitch used in the pattern See Through Flower Shawl. I have also contacted the designer of the pattern and she has graciously agreed to give MVKG members a 50% discount on the pattern. The coupon code to use on Ravelry will be published in your newsletter. The pattern calls for one ball of Jojoland Melody and one ball in a contrasting color in Jojoland Ballad. I know that Fiberworks carries it, and possibly other LYS’s in the area also carry it. This is a fingering weight yarn, in case you want to knit it with a different yarn. If the pattern is not something you would wear, think about making it and gifting it to a friend! Don’t purchase the pattern yet…the coupon code will be in the newsletter which should be delivered to you in the next couple of days.

To prepare for the class, cast on 25 stitches using size 8 needles with the contrasting color yarn. It doesn’t make any difference what cast on method is used. Knit two rows. Then bring your knitting and come to the meeting!

If you have any questions, or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

2015-2016 Membership Drive

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