Welcome to the Miami Valley Knitting Guild

Welcome! This is a website/blog for the newly-formed Miami Valley Knitting Guild. We are a group of knitters (and crocheters!) who have joined together in the interest of furthering our skills in a warm and open environment. It doesn’t matter if you are a master knitter or haven’t yet learned how to cast on – come join us for some fun.

We are affiliated with The Knitting Guild Association. As an affiliated Guild member, you will receive a copy of the TKGA quarterly newsletter, “Swatches.”  We hope to have educational opportunities, not only for our friendly knitters in our individual knitting groups, but also by reaching out to the community.

The location, date and time of the first meeting will be posted in this forum before the end of the week. That first meeting will be during the first week of March and will be scheduled for evening hours. You can pay your dues at that meeting if you choose.

The members that have already paid dues were the people that were at a local knitting group when someone said, “Gee…wouldn’t it be neat to form a knitting guild?”  And then someone else said “Terrific idea!”  And then we said “Let’s form a group on Ravelry to see if there is any interest,” and then within 24 hours, there were over 100 that expressed interest. Has anyone read the children’s book: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie That’s sort of what has been happening the last few days!

There is already a very well populated MVKG group on Ravelry.com (a wonderful resource for any and every knitter or crocheter).  Stop by, join our group and have fun discussing the formation of this knitting guild; pick up a tip or two; choose a great new pattern; or find out about that yarn that you are interested in buying; and much, much more!

Link to our Facebook group: MVKG Facebook requires admin approval on all requests to join a group. Just ask to join and as soon as we see the request, you will be approved.

We look forward to the day ahead when we can get to know each other, share our passion for knitting (and crocheting, I’m determined not to leave you out!), and learn together!